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Registrations are to be sent by Email by the corresponding federation to the address below. It is not possible to consider registrations from individual players.

When you register please provide for every player the following information:

1. Accommodation: Do you require a single, double or 3-/4-bedded room? It is also possible to express how you wish the rooms to be allotted.

2. Meals: You can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. However, once chosen, it is not possible to change during the tournament.

3. Journey and time of arrival: Please let us know what mode of transport you intend to use and what time you expect to arrive, so that we can send you information on how to get to the venue.

Further course :

A confirmation over the successful registration as well as the allotted single rooms takes place per email.
Each federation has to pay the complete entry fee for all registered players at the receipt of the confirmation email.
Registrations without remittance will not be considered after this period.
Questions about the tournament please over our contact-form or the below-mentioned email-adress.

Player quotas:

The player quotas per country are according to the regulations of the European Carrom Confederation. The first registration round ran untill 16.04.2007, registrations for waiting lists still are possible also now. The total number of players is 120. The maximum number of participants from each country is 15. The number of players of the host country is limited to 50% of the total of those taking part in the tournament.

Free places after the registration deadline:

The registration date has expired now, free player contingents are sended to those countries participating and in a second round any free places will be given to those on the waiting list. This will take place according to ECC directives. Registrations still are possible, any subsequent registrations will be handled according to the above.


The German Carrom Confederation looks forward to seeing you at the tournament.

Registrations should be sent as soon as possible by email to
Dirk Polchow at