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European Carrom Confederation (ECC) welcomes all participants of the 11th Eurocup 2007 at Dortmund, Germany.

Dear friends,

During the past 11 years of the existence of the European Carrom Confederation (ECC) the standard of Carrom has made not only quantitative progress but also significant qualitative progress. This has been recognised even by the Asian giants of Carrom. While the number of Carrom players and Carrom federations has increased during this period, the European Carrom players have respectfully represented their countries and the continent in many international tournaments and impressed by their good performances.
At the same time the Carrom players of different countries of Europe have been able to exchange their experiences and learn from each other and inspire each other. The Eurocup tournaments organised every year
under the auspices of the ECC have contributed to great extent to this development.

We are sure that the 11th Eurocup from 13th to 15th July 2007 in Dortmund, Germany, will be another important milestone for the development of the game of Carrom in our continent.

The German Carrom Federation and the local Carrom association RCS Dortmund have worked hard to assure the success of the 11th Eurocup. We thank all members of the German Carrom Federation and RCS particularly
Jörg Kijanski, Dirk Polchow, Peter Boecker and others for their dedicated hard work. We thank at the same time all the Carrom Federations of Europe and their members who extended their support to the 11th Eurocup. We thank to all those players and officials who are contributing to the success of the 11th Eurocup.
Let us all give our maximum cooperation for the success of the 11th Eurocup. Let us gain from mutual experiences, inspire each other, develop mutual cooperation and friendship and understanding.
Let us use this great event as a good practice ground for the forthcoming 5th World Championship in Cannes, France in February 2008.

Arif Naqvi / Elisa Martinelli
President E.C.C. / Secretary General E.C.C.
Berlin / Rome, 02.07.2007