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25.02.2012: Removal of our website to,
deleted bug links and updated contact data.

04.04.2011: 16th Eurocup 2012 in Germany!
The Carrom event will be held from 14th to 18th June 2012 in Darmstadt, Hessen. More informations any next time here at

Missed -but now here- news entry: 15th Eurocup will be near by Paris even from 23rd to 27th June 2011 in Villepinte. All information, p.e. actual registrations, get at Eurocup 2011 France Blog ...

13.12.2009: 14th Eurocup 2010 in Rome
The three-way capital Rome becomes from 10th to 14th June 2010 the venue of the Carrom Eurocup. The organizer, La Federazione Italiana Carrom will publish more exact information shortly on their website:
Questions and Reservations of Carrom players please send to your National Carrom Federation. In Germany please contact firstly your next club ... List German Carrom Clubs | Contact to German Carrom Federation | List International Carrom Federations

01.04.2009: You are invited for 13th European Carrom Championships from 9th to 13th July in Lenk, Switzerland. Questions and Reservations please send to your National Carrom Federation. In Germany send your registration to DCV, eMail: eurocup [at]
Registrations are accepted up until 30.04.2009!
Official Invitation 13th Eurocup (at

26.07.2008: Thanks for the reference... Results of Team Event now also are beautiful and more in detail online: Team Results

15.06.2008: DVD Trailer from 11th Eurocup 2007 is online!
Watch Eurocup 2007 Video

17.04.2008: The 12th Carrom Euro Cup 2008 will be held from 1 to 3 August 2008 in Sutton, Surrey (London, Great Britain). For Infos and Sign-in please contact your National Carrom Federation (till end of month)...

12.01.2008: I have forgotten to put online the black and white slams. Now they are listed: > Results > Slams. Congratulations for the three slam players!

26.12.2007: Link to Website of 5th Carrom World Championship added to Linklist.

08.12.2007: The Eurocup Photo Book – now with page navigation and autoflip function (6 sec.) ...

21.10.2007: I have updated the results of Singles Event. You can select now every player to show round details! Final Rankings also as PDF-file.

07.10.2007: German television (Sat.1 "17:30") sended a short report about Carrom Eurocup in Dortmund. Watch TV report

11.09.2007: I have updated the results of Double Event. You can select now every double team to show round details.

26.08.2007: Photos from 11th Eurocup are online! Have fun while flipping the pages of our Online Photo Book (covers ~200 Pictures).
To View and Download all Pictures (~280) go to Thumbnails.
Download all Pictures packed in ZIP-file(s): ZIP Download

24.07.2007: Corrected some Hyperlinks.

23.07.2007: Website is under construction... New are:
Greetings from DCV President Joerg Kijanski and from ICF, Arif Naqvi

16.07.2007: Results of 11th Eurocup are online!

11.07.2007: Welcome message from EEC is online.

09./10.07.2007: Start page and Links:
new Link to main sponsor of 11th Eurocup: Surco Carrom Boards

08.07.2007: phone number of Haus Husen and Tournament-HOTline added at journey-sites.

06.07.2007: tournament phone number is online...

05.07.2007: Players List update

01.07.2007: The Players List is updated.
Lunch is now planned 30 minutes longer. See at Schedule.

28.05.2007: Adress of Haus Husen added into PDF "Journey".

27.05.2007: NEW ONLINE: current Players List!
The pages "Publisher" and "Links" are revised.
Startpage: new Eurocup-Logo and Link to our Sponsor.

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24.05.2007: Some Translations are revised.

22.05.2007: Corrected some Hyperlinks.

20.05.2007: Downloads are online now.
There are new links at page "Material".

19.05.2007: Some Translations are revised.
Thank you Arif Naqvi for your fast help!

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17.05.2007: the website is online now.
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